Ninja Training

Saco Valley Ninja’s: Session II
10-Week Session • Tuesdays, February 6 – April 10

Instructors: Tiffany Nault and Staff

Ninja classes are obstacle-course and fitness-skill based. There will be a renewed focus on physical conditioning as part of class. Classes will also include games and conditioning circuits to improve strength, agility, and flexibility.

4 pm: Kinder-Ninja • 45 minute class
5 pm: Ninja 1 • ages 6-8
6 pm: Ninja 2 • ages 9-11
7 pm: Ninja 3 • ages 12+

If you feel your child needs to be either up or down a level varied from their age group based on skill, maturity level or past experience with our program please let us know as soon as possible. Classes are expected to fill and we want to ensure we have the right spot held for each Ninja who registers.

Session Registration Fee: $10 (This fee is waived for gym members who have a paid the $45 annual gym registration fee.) Effective 9/1/2017 we have eliminated the “annual” registration fee for Ninja and are now doing a session enrollment registration fee of $10 instead.

Very cool #SVGTCNINJA T-Shirts will be available in our Pro shop!

10-week session fee: $150 for Levels 1-3 (1 hour class)
$137.50 for Kinder Ninjas (45 min class)

Mark your calendars:
April 10, 2018 – A special end-of-session celebration to include timed events and awards.
There is no additional cost for this event, it is part of our 10-week session.

Sunday April 8th, for our Ninja Battles. There will be a full course to time yourself on, mini skill competitions and awards. This event is separate from our regular class time and only for students who may enjoy a competition setting. It will be open to both our students and the public, student entry fees will be greatly discounted from the public entry fee.

Session III is expected to run April 17-June 26, 2018 (no Ninja on April 24)
*Ninja enrollment reserves your child’s spot in class for the session. We typically keep a healthy wait list for Ninja classes. We will issue up to two make up open gym or gymnastics class passes per session per ninja.


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