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PreSchool Gymnastics

096_Gymnastics2.jpgWe are so glad you have taken time to visit our page and learn more about the benefits of gymnastics for toddlers and preschoolers.  We put so much thought into making each of our preschool classes an exciting experience because we know that young children have so much to gain by participating in these movement classes!

Tumble Bugs: Come Explore With Me (ages 0-6) Come explore the wonderful world of gymnastics with your little one. You will grow to treasure the quality time and connection with your child this class fosters. You are likely to find that this class becomes your child’s favorite part of their week!  They will gain self-esteem and confidence, and begin to develop physical capabilities in the areas of gross motor skills, balance, coordination and strength. You will learn fitness based games to play with your child and help them complete the skill stations the instructor has set up for them to explore.  We incorporate a blend of music, gymnastics (bars, beam, tumbling, and trampoline) and the use of small motor equipment such as rhythmic ribbons, hoops, balls, and balloons.

Use your punch card for the following classes this Session:

Tuesday mornings 8:30-9:15am

$50 /10 Class Punch Card or $7 walk in rate/per class
Active participation of a caregiver for the Come Explore With Me class is required.


Tumble Bugs All Me! (Ages 3-5)This is our pre-school gymnastics program designed especially for active boys and girls ages three to five who are ready to join a more formal preschool gymnastics class without the active participation of a parent by their side.  Our classes involve music and movement, obstacle courses and the use of special props as well as utilizing all of the men’s and women’s Olympic gymnastics equipment.  We even have awesome scaled down versions of almost every Olympic apparatus designed especially for very young gymnasts.  Your little Tumble Bug will benefit from their class in so many ways including; learning basic gymnastics skills; strengthening gross motor skills; and increasing his or her balance, strength and coordination.  Furthermore, gymnastics class is the perfect environment to develop and practice budding cognitive and social skills as they follow directions to complete skill stations, take turns and begin to put together sequences of basic gymnastics movements.  Enrolling your child in Tumble Bugs will better prepare your little one for any sport and for life!

Intro to All Me (45 minute class) $50 per/mo
All Me 3-5 year olds (60 minute class) $65 per/mo

***Please do not be afraid to use the waitlist for your child. If we know you are looking for a spot for them we will do our best to find one so that everyone can participate! Thank you***


  1. What days are the preschool classes on?

    1. We offer preschool classes on several days throughout the week. If you click on this link: it will take you to the full schedule. Please call me at 603.452.8323 if you have any further questions. Thanks!

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