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Girls Gymnastics Ages 6+

HighFivesBegin here, go anywere! At Saco Valley Gymnastics Training Center we absolutely insist that all of our classes provide children with top quality gymnastics instruction, delivered in a fun and nurturing environment. Each class is taught by highly skilled professional coaches who are trained in our curriculum, safety certifed and background checked. You can view our staff bios page for more information on our instructors qualifications and to get to know more about their dedication to youth and to gymnastics. The lesson plans and curriculum for our girls gymnastics classes are carefully designed to help children develop to their full potential.  Our Star Achievement Program is the system we use to reward and track progress in athletes.  You can find the checklists here:

Download (PDF, 54KB)

Download (PDF, 54KB)

Girls classes are generally one hour in length and will include a warm up and stretching time followed by rotations to at least two of the ladies Olympic events (vault, bars, beam and floor). If your child just can’t get enough of gymnastics and is looking to jump start their skill development, you may wish to enroll her in more than one of our weekly classes. Please see our policies page under tuition discounts for related tuition information. We utilize a star achievement program to help track their progress in the gym, as well as to promote positive sportsmanship and character development. After all, our goal is to create champions in the gym and in life!

The following class descriptions will help you determine which class your child will flourish in! Once you determine which class is best for your daughter, you can click on the registration link next to the appropriate class.

Girls Level I – This beginning level class is appropriate for both the very beginning gymnast and children still working to perfect the necessary basics before moving on to the more advanced Level 2 or 3. If your child does not have previous gymnastics experience at SVGTC, or has not undergone a skill evaluation from one of our staff members this class is a great place to start! As soon as your child is ready to advance to the next level we will provide them with a certificate and allow you the option of moving them up – even if this occurs in the middle of a session.

Girls Levels I/II and II are intermediate developmental or recreational classes offered at SVGTC. The coaching staff will be happy to assist you with selecting the most appropriate class for your child.

It is important to us that your child be allowed to grow their gymnastics at a pace that is safe and comfortable to them, while being permitted to challenge themselves and advance as soon as they are ready.

Go Anywhere!  If your child has competitive aspirations we have so many choices for athletes at every level to compete.  Please email and I can send you more information about evaluations for our team program. 

Don’t worry, it is never too late to join a session and your tuition will be pro-rated from the date of your child’s first class.

Tuition is $68.75 per month  $131.50 per month for two hour classes. A 10% discount applies when a session is pre-paid, a 5% discount applies to families on Easy Monthly Auto Pay.


  1. My 5 yr old daughter Victoria has been taking gymnastic classes since she was two years old. We are from PA and will be moving to NH in a few months. I would really like to continue her in gymnastics yet I’m not quite sure how close your gym will be from where we are locating. We will be moving near Berlin NH. Is there any way someone can tell me the distance from Berlin to your gym would be. Thanks

    1. The driving distance from Berlin to SVGTC could be about an hour. Of course, we would love to have your little one in the gym. I do not think there is a USA Gymnastics member club any closer to Berlin.

      Thank you!

  2. Just making sure registration went through for E. Hatch on Thursaday 3:30. Also is it ok to pay the first day of classes? Is there a registration fee?

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